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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Liminal Unlimited
Beauty Always on the Margins-Occasionally Unsanctioned


The detritus of life constitutes a modern souvenir, a memory in the form of waste that is the residue of experience. The basics of feeding and clothing oneself contribute to an inevitable collection of discarded souvenirs. The packaging, or the souvenirs, of daily consumer life adds up to a cultural collection. Stockpiled in landfills and in the ocean, this detritus forms a long-term cultural collection that reflects consumer choices. I am interested in taking an active role in this passive form of cultural accumulation by making conscious choices about detritus and formulating those choices into art.


Part One-The Control/Passive Collection: For five days prior to the show, I will collect, wash, and document all of the trash my family and I collect without being unusually concerned about our daily souvenirs.

Part Two-Reduction/The Active Collection: For the four weeks of the show, my family and I will make every possible effort to reduce our souvenir collection.

All souvenirs will be wrapped and displayed in the New York Times. This is a visual attempt to link individual actions to a larger archive of actions

Game Rules:
We are setting up this project within the parameters of game rules. To view the rules just click.

Game Rules


All reduction methods and re-use ideas will be posted to a blog and compiled into a LOG. The LOG will be an ongoing display at OPENSOURCE Art for the duration of the show.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


This project is set up as a game. The following are the rules:

1. Cancel trash collection for the duration of show.

2. Objects can be used as many times as possible, but once deemed garbage, it becomes a souvenir and will be wrapped in that days New York Times. For example, I can re-use plastic bags, but once they rip, they are part of the Souvenir collection.

3. Changes in consumption behavior to avoid waste are encouraged and will be noted to the Souvenir Blog and compiled into the Souvenir Album.

4. Excluded from this project are bodily waste materials.

5. Family members are going to aid this project as much as possible and avoid waste products. They are not obligated to take every possible measure to reduce waste. The waste products of their activities will become our collective souvenirs. My family and I are all in this together.

6. To avoid transporting trash all over the world, the clock stops when traveling on planes. (Note: We will remain conscious of waste and try to reduce during these times.)

7. Guests who come to the house will be made aware of the project and if they are staying with us, we will request they try to minimize waste products. Their waste will join the Souvenir project.

8. If we are out of the house and purchase items, such as coffee, we are responsible for any resultant detritus. Everyone in the family will be given a Souvenir survival kit which will include:

-A special bag designed with elastic straps for:

-A cup /A plate/A fork/A-knife/Three hankies /A food storage container/A small notebook/A solid graphite pencil

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